Thursday, April 13, 2017

Class Clown Archetype

Yesterday I started reading the first published Mystery included in the Tales from the Loop book. As I’m getting ready to start uploading materials into Fantasy Grounds I realized the book is missing an archetype I think should be included. I decided to try my hand a making an iconic archetype that I can provide to my players.

So far I haven’t added anything to Fantasy Grounds or even invited players yet. If I can get four or more players to try it, the game time will be on Wednesdays at 1500 GMT. This will be a one shot just to see if I/we like the game. If there’s any interest in continuing on then it will be a short campaign of the 4 Mysteries in the book. I estimate all 4 adventures taking anywhere from 5-10 game sessions of 3 hours in length.

Class Clown

Key Skills
Charm, Sneak, Tinker

Iconic Item
Choose one or make up your own.

Can of Fart Spray.
Rainbow Jacket Nylon Windbreaker.
Lots of Jelly Bracelets on each arm.

Choose one or make up your own.

I have an improperly diagnosed learning disability and have been prescribed Ritalin.
I have an older sibling that likes to beat me up.
Most of the stories I tell are lies to make people laugh but now no one believes my true stories.

Choose one or make up your own.

I’m always trying to vindicate my outrageous stories.
I’m in it for the excitement of new adventures.

Choose one or make up your own.

Everybody likes me.
My friends can count on me.

Relationships To Other Kids
Choose one for each other Kid or make up your own.

We are best pals.
He/She is socially awkward but is still my friend.
He/She tutors me in school.

Relationships To NPC’s
Choose two or make up your own.

Ing-Marie Blankang [Karen Richards] the new police detective, is the only one who believes my wild stories. She even asked me for help fixing some photographic devices placed around Lake Mead.

Dax, the roller rink DJ, said he overheard Lena Thelin [Diane Petersen] say she was going to get revenge on everyone at the Loop who got her fired.

I overheard my friend Bjorn [Brian] talking to himself about Peter Mansson [Peter Dale]. He said something about Peter controlling dreams, and how this must be stopped.

Choose one or make up your own.

English Teacher
Roller Rink DJ

Typical Names
Choose one or make up your own.

Girls names: Avery, Julie, Kimmi, Stephanie
Boys names: Clarke, Jeff, Ralph, George
Nicknames: Butter Buns, Chewbacca (Chewie), Mouth, Snickerdoodle