Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla

Today I finally got around to downloading the digital Kickstarter rewards for Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla from Ravendesk Games. Part of the rewards were three Action Lab comic books titled, wait for it, Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla. I must admit that these comics do a good job of inspiring me to want to play this new game. The only problem is that I don't have the RPG yet. Eventhough the Kickstarter campaign has ended you still have a chance to get in on this and preorder a copy for yourselves. You can follow the link above to the Kickstarter page.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The first comic of the History in the Making series, is an introduction to the characters and the beginning of the story arc. We are introduced to Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft, Harry Houdini, and Albert Einstein. It starts out in October of 1923 and Amelia is taking flight in her history making trip to become the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean (its fun to read fiction that incorporates historical fact). As we break away to Nikola in his workshop, he discovers that a prototype engine has just disappeared in front of his very eyes. Now we break away again to see Lovecraft shaking down Houdini in order to get him to investigate a man called The Beast. The next day Nikola meets up with Albert Einstein at the local patent office where Einstein works. Nikola tells Albert that an unfinished prototype engine is in Amelia's airplane. Einstein informs Tesla that this engine will take her to a different dimension. As Nikola is leaving the patent office, a man waiting in line overhears the whole conversation and tells Tesla that H.P. Lovecraft can help him. Nikola then seeks out Lovecraft to ask him for help in finding his betrothed, Ms. Earhart. Suddenly they are attacked by a Mi-Go. The end. Ha-ha, hows that for a cliff hanger?

In the second comic, Nikola uses his Tesla pistol while H.P. uses some sort of arcane power to defeat the Mi-Go. After some arguing between Lovecraft and Tesla, the Mi-Go comes back to life and kills Lovecraft. The Mi-Go disappears out of sight and H.P.'s mother comes down into the basement to find her dead son. She scolds Tesla and tells him to not speak of this incident with H.P. whilst she revives her dead son through the use of magic. After some discussion on what to do next, it is decided that they would go to Brown University to seek out Lovecraft's former professor. He may or may not be in posession of a tome of Necronomicon, or at the very least know where to obtain it. Meanwhile, back at Nikola's workshop, Peter Mackleroy Esquire, a debt collector working for Thomas Edison is going through the inventions to catalogue and inventory Mr. Edison's new belongings. Back to Brown University where we meet Dr. Carlow, Lovecraft's occult professor. Howard Phillips Lovecraft is dismayed that the good professor doesn't remember him with his excuse being that he has lectured many students and can't be bothered to rember names. Howard tries to jog Dr. Carlow's memory of him only to incite an argument between the two, which reveals the location of the Necronomicon to be at the Anthenaeum Library. After leaving Dr. Carlow's office, Tesla and Lovecraft get into a squabble in which they decide to go their own ways. Unbeknownst to each other, they each break into the library after dusk. Tesla through a basement window and Lovecraft stealing the keys from a librarian. Both of them inadvertently walk into a trio of trouble in the basement of the library (as seen on the cover of the next issue).

The third comic begins with Amelia flying somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean and her plane disappears into thin air. Then we go back to the library where Nikola and Howard discover the three cultists who are trying to awaken the great Cthuhlu who's wrath will birth the world anew. Matilda, one of the cultists, discovers that the Necronomicon is a copy and she needs an original tome. Just then Dr. Carlow walks in to confirm his suspicion that Lovecraft wouldn't let go of searching for the tome and Matilda shoots him in the gut. Tesla and Carlow are then dragged into a small room and locked inside. Dr. Carlow proceeds to pass away and Nikola escapes from his cell. Then Tesla rescues Lovecraft from the cultists by causing an explosion in the basement of the library which allows the two to escape.

Overall the three comics are good. Some of the scenes need to be more descriptive or perhaps even more scenes added because I don't feel like I got all the information I needed. Who are the cultists and what about Edison's henchmen? What happened to Harry Houdini? I left out the last scene in the third comic because it doesn't make sense to me at all. It appears to be an everyday conversation between two older gentlemen and a younger man. One of the older men has a unique ring on his left ring finger which leads me to believe it is a much older Nikola Tesla but I'm unsure. They definetly left some questions that need to be answered. Maybe they will be answered in the RPG book but I sure hope the comics will continue into a full series at Action Lab Comics.